Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Way Has Opened!!!

The Shell of the old in pieces on the floor.
The most stubborn to leave is the one that believed in more,
more would be the way to make the pain go away,
It was a TRICK and almost always made me sick.
In the pile there is the need for approval, that grew me aware
and fed the way I would compulsively share.. a way to connect..
I could only survive if I made myself fit in.
“Fit in” to a world that was so different from me,
extra careful of course, not to “sin”
Now I feel new skin forming
and a foundation of acceptance and inspiration from within…
the current of creation singing, that co-creation will build a new nation!
Yes, this is bold, but truth be told,
I am no small tree, when I allow myself to be free.
Free to express my passion and song as I live where I belong.
Singing my song…
Way will Open… Way will Open… Way will Open… from Inside
cause my dahling… brothers and sisters…. we have nothing to hide
Allow the old to fall away, find your way to pray, center,
be new, be true… Way Has Opened!!
Glowing and Growing to the Sky,
Madeline aka Groweesha

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