Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We all grow the best we can. We hurt others along the way. Sometimes we hurt people a lot, more than seems just. We defend when we have been hurt by words or actions. We block people out because they hurt us so much. We believe it is the best, smartest, safest thing to do. Is it?

We use all our energy defending, blaming, avoiding, that we run out of juice to live, to grow, to stretch, to take risks. The biggest bummer is that we start to feel shut down around the people who love us the most. How messed up! Is that? Our favorite people, the ones who made us laugh, smile, angry, jealous, but they were always there. We know them, they know us, we love them.

We all want to feel released so we look to find safe, comfortable places. New relationships become these places and they give us a new perspective to see.

Another way of growing. We learn to accept others and slowly accept ourselves IF we can break away from the voices that say you are bad, "you messed up." "It's all your fault." Because of you, that are stuck inside of you the places that stopped growing, because you thought the best way to grow was to be guarded. And safe. So this is everyone, across the board.

We hurt so many people. We feel so bad, it is a catch 22. The endless hate cycle where we hate in another what we hate in ourselves. It is all done with the mirrors.

Emily needs to be free of more reasons to defend. She needs us to all do what we say we are gonna do for 6 months-1 year and be real careful what we say to each other and her. Work as a forest all for the same goal. To grow fruit. To break the cycle, to move on. To see what else is possible. What else is possible. Feel it and let it flow. It's a feeling, it's not the end of the world.

It will pass, it will hurt less than a kidney stone or gall stone or sclerosis of the liver. Let it go. 

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